Quinleighblu Golden Retrievers

The Quintessential Golden - Mind, Body and Spirit!


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A Testimonial from a member of the Quinleighblu Family

Hi Helen, On the eve of Harley's 6th birthday, I thought I'd email you and once again thank you for providing the girl who makes every day a great one around our home. There's not much I can tell you that I haven't already mentioned. She's spoiled big time, loved by all and still a character when she chooses to be. She makes me laugh when she gets silly and makes me proud when she allows a lonely senior to wrap their arms around her neck. Last week she was surrounded by younger people when she attended her third Exam week visit at McMaster. I see Payton had another litter in November and I guess by now the pups have all found new homes and will be going there soon if not already. Thank you again Helen for breeding wonderful Goldens with beautiful temperaments and great personalities. Whether participating in a sporting event or sitting calmly while being patted, you should be proud of them all. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014. Judi, Ken and Harley



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